The Catholic University of America

Rev. John E. Lynch, C.S.P., M.S.L., Ph.D. (emeritus)

Professor Emeritus of Canon Law and History

  • Education

    C.S.P., M.S.L., Ph.D.
  • Biography

    Courses taught: History of Canon Law, Seminar Corpus Iuris Canonici, Medieval Church-State Relations, Medieval Law, Ecumenism and Canon Law, Pope Innocent III

    Areas of specialization: Canon Law in the 13th and 14th Centuries, Canon Law and the Ordained Ministry, The General Councils of the Church

    Professional memberships/activities: The Canon Law Society of America, The Medieval Academy of America, The American Catholic Historical Association, The American Society of Church History, Archivist for Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle, Contributor to encyclopedias.

  • Publications

    Major publications:
    "The Obligations and Rights of Clerics" in New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law. New York/Mahwah: Paulist Press, 2000.
    "The Canonical Contribution to English Law," Studia Canonica 33(1999) 505-525.
    "The Eastern Churches: Historical Background," The Jurist 51( 1991) 1-17.
    "The Medieval Canon Law on Sanctuary with Particular Reference to England," Unico Ecclesiae servitio, ed. M. Theriault & J. Thorn. Ottawa: St. Paul University, 1991.
    "Historical Notes: The Clergy and the Diocese," Clergy Procedural Handbook, ed. R. Calvo & N. Klinger. Washington: Canon Law Society of America, 1992.
    "The Magistery and Theologians from the Apostolic Fathers to the Gregorian Reform," Chicago Studies 17(1978) 173-197.
    "Marriage and Celibacy of the Clergy the Discipline of the Western Church: An Historico-Canonical Synopsis," The Jurist 32(1972)14-38, 189-212.
    "Co-Responsibility in the First Five Centuries: Presbyteral Colleges and the Election of Bishops," The Jurist 31(1971) 14-53. Reprinted in Who Decides for the Church, ed. James Coriden. Hartford: Canon Law Society of America, 1971.