The Catholic University of America

Licentiate in Canon Law


Course Work:  Three and Two Year Degree Program

The course of studies is divided into six semesters (A-B-C-D-E-F). Semester A is a prerequisite for the other semesters. These courses include required courses, and various elective courses offered in the school of Canon Law or in other schools of the university.

The course of studies normally is as follows:

  Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring
3 years A B   C D   E F
2 years A B C D F E

Course Work

Semester Course Number Course Description
Semester A: CL 701   (3 credits) History of Canon Law
CL 711   (3 credits) General Norms I
CL 721   (3 credits) Particular Church
CL 731   (3 credits) Sacramental Law

       LAT 501A (in residence)
       LAT 501B (online)

Semester B: CL 712   (3 credits) General Norms II
CL 720   (3 credits) Ordained Ministry
CL 734   (3 credits) Juridic Structure of Marriage
CL 726   (2 credits) Lay Ministry

       LAT 502A (in residence)
       LAT 502B (online)

Semester C: CL 715   (3 credits) American Law for Canonists
CL 724   (3 credits) Consecrated Life
CL 741   (4 credits) Procedural Law
               (2 credits) ELECTIVE

       LAT 505A (in residence)
       LAT 505B (online)

Semester D: CL 744   (3 credits) Temporal Goods
CL 728   (3 credits) Supradiocesan Structures
CL 739   (3 credits) Matrimonial Jurisprudence
CL 746   (3 credits) Protection of Rights
Semester E: CL 716   (3 credits) Religious Liberty
CL 750   (2 credits) Teaching Office
CL 751   (3 credits) Sanctions
               (2 credits)


Semester F: CL 727   (3 credits) Philosophy and the Theology of Law
CL 760   (3 credits) Roman Law
CL 771   (2 credits) Eastern Law
   CL 696  (1 credit) Thesis Guidance
   CL 698A (w/classes)

 CL 698B (w/o classes)
                (1 credit)

Comprehensive Exam